Development Level (DL) Para Coach Pathway


  • Start by completing the Development Level Course. The prerequisite is the Entry Level Trained status.
  • Then complete the Para Module for DL PARA TRAINED status


  • Progress to DL PARA CERTIFIED status if you will be coaching more than a season at the "Learn to Train/Learn to Race" development level.


I want to be hired by a club in a para-alpine competition program at the "Learn to Train" - "Learn to Race" development levels.

What I need to do:

Intro to Coaching at the Learn to Train and Train to Train development level

Complete NCCP Make Ethical Decisions Module and Online Evaluation


I want to lead a group of Para-athletes at the Learn to Train and Train to Train development level…and I want to be evaluated as a competent Development Level Para coach

What I need to do:

  • ACA-CSC Basic Speed Concepts On-line Module
  • AND
  • ACA-CSC Speed Camp Option
  • OR
  • Regional or Club Speed Camp Option
  • Rules and Regulations for Coaches On-Line Module
  • OR
  • Full Level 2 Officials certification course (2 days)
  • OR
  • Level 2 Coach Officials module