High Performance Level (HPL) Coach Program

High performance coaches work with athletes on national teams who are at the "Race to Win" stages of development in the Alpine Canada's LTAD/PARA LTAD long term athlete development pathway.

Coaches in this context are career professionals.

Alpine Level 4 Program Discontinued

The NCCP Level 4/5 program was discontinued by the Coaching Association of Canada on December 31, 2015. The Alpine Level 4 program was discontinued by ACA-CSC on September 30, 2016.

New Performance Level (PL) Advanced Gradation

The Alpine Level 4 program will be replaced by a new Performance Level CERTIFIED ADVANCED certification status. This gradation will be added to the Performance Level coach pathway following TRAINED and CERTIFIED statuses.

The Advanced Coaching Diploma, offered through Canadian Sport Institutes (CSI) across the country, along with Alpine specific coach evaluation, will form the basis for the new PL CERTIFIED ADVANCED status.

More Information will be communicated by ACA when program details are finalized. This is expected later in 2018

When this program is launched, ACA coaching education staff will work individually with coaches who have partially completed Level 4 and/or National Coaching Institute diploma programs to transition into the new PL CERTIFIED ADVANCED gradation, for those who wish.


High Performance Level (HPL) Coach Program

The new Alpine HPL program will be a customized, individualized program that fills knowledge and experience gaps of the coach relating to international, elite athlete development. The targeted coach will undergo a detailed gap analysis aimed to identify competencies needing improvement or development, necessary to deliver on athlete needs in this context.

Please contact ACA-CSC for more HPL program info.

Please note we are in the process of working with NCCP to finalize the pathway and transfer policies of Level 4 coaches to the new HPL coach program. ACA-CSC expects to have a new transfer policy and HPL coach pathway in place by fall of 2018.

ACA Top 10 Coach Program

As part of the HPL program, the ACA Top 10 Coach Program is a mentorship program that aims to build and track a pool of Canadian high performance coaching talent that can effectively serve provincial and national team coaching needs into the future.

For more information on access and application to this program, click the link below:

 - ACA Top 10 Coach Program