Accreditation for Learning Facilitators

Every Alpine course or workshop is led by a trained Learning Facilitator (LF) who has undergone a standardized Alpine and NCCP coach developer training process. LFs are crucial to the development of skilled, knowledgeable coaches who are then able to develop safer, happier athletes/participants.


The goal of an LF is to effectively facilitate sessions that result in the development of coaches who are able to demonstrate their abilities and meet the standards established for certification.


An LF should have the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes to facilitate workshops using the competency-based approach. In addition, they serve as contributing members of the community and ambassadors for the sport and the NCCP.


Base Qualifications


Qualifications to be an LF for EACH course/module are determined by some or all of the following qualifications:


- coach certification

- active coaching experience

- active coach developer experience


For requirements on LF qualifications for specific coaching education events, see the coach developer qualifications policy accessible on the CSCF web site.


How to Become a Learning Facilitator?


All Learning Facilitators must complete the following steps:


NCCP Coach Developer Pathway en


STEP 1 – NCCP Learning Facilitator Core Training

- Functions of a Learning Facilitator (LF)

- Elements of an effective learning activity

- Stages of group development

- Nature of the group


STEP 2 – Alpine Content Specific Training

- Micro-facilitation of modules in the Entry Level course

- Administration

- Review LF evaluation standards and the evaluation process


STEP 3 – Co-Delivery Process

- Pre-brief

- Co-facilitate a course with a more experienced LF

- Debrief


On successful completion to this point, the LF becomes: Course Facilitator – TRAINED


STEP 4 – Evaluation Process

- Pre-brief

- Formal observation/audit of the LF during delivery of a Course.

- Debrief

- Action plan

- Final recommendation


On successful completion to this point, the LF becomes: Course Facilitator – CERTIFIED


For More Information


NCCP Core Training

To access NCCP Core Training, please check with your province/territory coaching representative.


For a calendar of upcoming NCCP Core Training opportunities, click here.


Alpine Specific Training

For more information on training and accreditation programs and requirements, follow the links below:

Entry Level Course Facilitator Training

Speed Camp Facilitator Training


For a schedule of events and to register for these sessions, go to REGISTER FOR EVENTS ... CSCF COURSE or RETEST.