Entry Level Coach in Training Licensing Program

The entry-level coach-in-training licensing program has two streams based on the level of experience of the candidate and their on-snow role. This licensing program ensures that all individuals working with children on-snow have met the insurers minimum requirements.

All coach/athletes, volunteer coaches, tail-gunners and 1st time CSIA instructors must meet the minimum insurers requirements to better ensure the minimum safe in sport standards are being met.

Step 1

Start here with step one to become involved with your local club as a licensed coach in training.

  • Create Member Profile
  • Pay Membership Fees
  • Register for the free ACA-CSC Risk Management Online eLearning Module
  • Sign documents including the coaching code of conduct and annual release waiver
  • Obtain coupon for NCCP Module
*The fees collected during registration go directly towards the cost of insurance and access to the two eLearning modules. Tax receipts are available for the eLearning modules. 

Please note, this step takes a few minutes time. 

Step 2

Complete a criminal background screen

As part of Alpine Canada Alpin's (ACA) Safe Sport initiatives, mandatory background screening has been implemented to enhance the safety of the training and competition environments for all athletes in our sport. (PSO) and club programs.

Conducting background screening of a Canadian ski coaches assists in the selection of safe, honest and ethical individuals reducing the potential risks to athletes and employers.

Policy Statement

Alpine Canada Coach Education as a department within ACA, mandates the application of this policy to all ACA-CSC accredited and licensed coaches as of the 2017-2018 season. To ensure consistency, ACA has engaged Sterling BackCheck to undertake the formal screening process. Only background checks obtained through this service will be accepted.

Background checks are valid for a two (2) year duration.

Where to complete your criminal background screen:

ACA has partnered with Sterling BackCheck to provide a police background check service. ACA would like ALL active coaches to use this service, only background checks obtained through this service will be accepted.

The cost for this service is offered at a discounted rate $25.00 (plus taxes).

Members can access Sterling BackCheck via the following link To get started, please select Alpine Canada Alpin, then your respective Provincial or Territorial organization. Please ensure you have your ACA-CSC Coach Education ID number (formerly CSCF ID number) accessible as you will require it for registration purposes.

Access to Results

You will be notified by email from Sterling Backcheck of your result within 48 hours. In addition, ACA will receive a copy of the results. Results of the criminal record check will be recorded in the ACA-Canadian Ski Coaches (ACA-CSC) database and will be made available to club and PSO employers of professional and volunteer coaches working in ski racing programs across Canada. Employer access is provide through ACA-CSC Partner Services log in from the ACA-CSC web site. Only recognized organizations are permitted Partner Services account access.

Step 3

Complete the ACA-CSC Risk Management Online Module

This ACA-CSC online eLearning module introduces risk management and liability issues that are of importance to coaches at all levels. More than ever before, coaches need to be aware of the risks and responsibilities they assume when they coach. These risks and responsibilities include those that are legal in nature. No matter what their certification, experience, employment or volunteer status, sport discipline, or location of residence, coaches at all times have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for participants.

To understand this obligation more fully, the coach must understand some key legal principles including negligence and liability. In order to fulfill this obligation, the coach must also understand concepts and techniques related to risk management. With this knowledge, the coach can determine the applicable standard of care, can assess his or her own coaching situation for risks, and can put in place appropriate measures to manage these risks.

These three topics – negligence, liability, and risk management – are discussed in this online module. This section concludes with a ten-point personal risk management plan.

Step 4

Complete the NCCP Coach Initiation Module and Local Club staff training

Step 4 involves the completion of an eLearning module from the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) which serves as an introduction to the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The coach initiation module is designed as an important introduction to the key coaching concepts and educational tools that are the foundation of the NCCP including long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. 

Step 4 also requires the completion of a club training session to cover local club policies and procedures including local emergency action plans.

To continue with a process please select one option.

Supporting the Coaching Staff
The entry-level coach-in training licensing programs serves as an introduction to alpine ski coaching for athletes transitioning from competitive ski racing (15 years of age and older), volunteer coaches, and parents interested in assisting a certified coach with the management of a group of ski racers at the Gliding Start and Skier Essential stage of development.

This program is meant to pair up a prospective coach with a mentor coach during the initial stages of learning how to be a coach while supporting young developing ski racers.
Existing CSIA Member
If you are current CSIA Member and NOT a ACA-CSC Member and have been hired by a club to coach athletes under the age of 12 years, the EL-CIT program enables you as a CSIA member to meet the insurers minimum requirements when you initially begin to coach.

CSIA certified instructors are able to lead a group independently under direction of an ACA-CSC certified mentor coach once the entry level coach in training licensing requirements have been met. CSIA members who are 1st time hires in a ski club are required to complete the entry level course within 12 months of their initial hire date per our policy from 2015:

ACA Policy for Coach Accreditation