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Licensing - Introduction

Alpine Canada and the CSCF require coaches who are actively coaching in the current season, to complete annual professional development in order to maintain annual "Licensed" status. The purpose of the program is:

  • to promote continuous improvement and life-long learning for coaches
  • to help reduce the risk of accidents
  • to promote coaching excellence at every level in the Canadian development system
  • to help professionalize ski coaching

Summary - Licensing Requirements

"Licensed" status is only required for those who are actively coaching in the current season. Below is a summary of the licensing program details:

  • Active coaches must be licensed annually by the CSCF.
  • Achieving "Licensed" status is the responsibility of the coach.
  • The annual license cycle is August 1 – July 31.
  • If enough credits have not been accumulated by July 31 for the upcoming cycle, coaches may continue accumulating credits for the new cycle until “licensed” status has been - achieved.
  • Coaches should be licensed before starting to coach athletes, supervise other coaches or implement programs.
  • The deadline date to be “licensed” is January 31 annually. This accommodates coaches working in all contexts.
  • If active coaches are not "Licensed" by January 31, they lose “member in good standing” status with the CSCF.
  • 1 ED credit = half a day on snow or indoors on relevant topics.
  • 1 RM credit = a minimum of 1 hour of ski racing specific risk management content.
  • Clubs, regions and provincial organizations can deliver professional development that counts for licensing credits.

For complete details on the coach licensing program, see ACA-CSCF Coach License policy (complete version or summary version).

You can also check a list of courses, seminars and workshops that qualify for licensing credits.