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Tracking Professional Development Credits

Every club and/or region should be offering its coaches professional development opportunities at the beginning of the season and/or throughout the season. The CSCF tracks annual professional development activity in member personal files in the CSCF membership database.

Professional Development Hosted by CSCF Partner Organizations

Professional development events can be hosted by clubs, regions, Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO), the CSCF, Alpine Canada or the CSIA as CSCF partner organizations within the skiing community. The CSCF provides an on-line management tool that assigns professional development credits to coach files. Professional development events are assigned education (ED) and risk management (RM) credits by the CSCF depending on content and duration of the event.

It is the responsibility of the event host (partner organization) to manage the process of posting and managing professional development events. This is accomplished by using the Licensing feature in the Partner Services section of this web site. Partner organizations (event hosts) are provided with a permanent log in account by the CSCF to on-line Partner Services.

For more information on acquiring a Partner Services log in account or to get log in details that you may have forgotten, CONTACT US.

Every club should have a Partner Services account.

Professional Development Hosted by Outside Agencies

To track credits for professional development provided by outside agencies, coaches must provide the CSCF with proof of attendance and completion of the event. The event must be relevant ski coaching professional development. The CSCF will determine whether the activity qualifies for licensing credit and assign activities appropriate credits. The CSCF will then credit the coach personal file.

To inquire or send the CSCF proof of outside agency professional development, CONTACT US.

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