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Get Started in Coaching ...

... Take an Entry Level Coaching Course

Get started in one of the most exciting and rewarding careers by coaching young skiers to reach their potential.

The Entry Level Course is the starting point for those who want to get started in coaching. This course covers the basics for coaching U12 entry level children. On completion of the Entry Level course, coaches achive an Entry Level TRAINED certification status, the minimum certification required to coach in Canada in a club or ski school ski racing program.

If your goal is to coach older U14 or U16 skiers, you can quickly progess to the Development Level course. If your goal is to become experienced and proficient at coaching entry level skiers, then you can progress along the Entry Level certification pathway to CERTIFIED or CERTIFIED ADVANCED statuses. For detailed information about the Entry Level Course and other Entry Level training and evaluation opportunities, CLICK HERE.

For more information, contact your Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) about Entry Level courses and scheduling near you.

To see a schedule of courses and to register for a course in your province, CLICK HERE.